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Dorothy Jane Scott

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Dorothy Jane Scott or Scott that she wanted to be called was a single mom living with her aunt and her 4 year old son. She was a christian and did not drink or do drugs. Months before her disappearance Scott received many calls from a unidentified man. Scott told her mother that she could recognise the voice but didn’t remember his name. The man told her of his love for her and also threatened to kill her. He also said he had been stalking her for a long time and proved accurate details about her day life. One day he called her and told her to go out because he had something for her. When she came out and it laid one single rose on the car.

One day the man called her and said something that horrified her. The man told her that he was going to get her alone, cut her into pieces so no one would ever found her. One week before her disappearance she bought a handgun and started to take karate lessons so she could defend herself if it ever happened.

At 9 p.m on may 1980, Scott was a employe at work. She noticed that her co-worker Conrad Bostron didn’t look very well and had red mark on his arm. Scott and another co-worker Pam Head helped Conrad to the hospital and later Conrad was determined suffering from a black widow spider. Conrad Bostron was later discharged around 11 p.m. Scott offered to bring Conrad back with her car. She didn’t want Bostron to walk in that condition so she said she was going to wait outside with her car. But when Bostron and Pam Head went out they couldn’t see her car so they waited and after a few minutes Scotts car came towards them in full speed with the lights on. The lights blinded them so they couldn’t see who was behind the wheel. When the car came closer they waved at it so Scott would stop in front of them but the car didn’t stop and just drove past them.

On May 29 Scotts car were found burning in a alley 10 miles from the hospital. Neither Scott or her supposed kidnapper were there or anywhere nearby.


Later on August 6 1984 a construction worker discovered a dog and human body side by side about 30 meters from Santa ana Canyon road. The body was later discovered as Scotts on August 14. Scotts mother said that Scotts watch had stopped on 12.30 a.m on may 29 about a hour after Pam Head and Conrad Bostron saw her vehicle. Many people thinks it was around then she got killed.

The murderer of Scott was never discovered and the calls could not be traced because the man didn’t stay on the line long enough.

The Jamison family

The Jamison family consisting Bobby Jamison, his wife Sherilynn Jamison and their daughter Madyson. The Jamison family mysteriously disappeared on the 8 October 2009.

The investigation of the family’s disappearance indicated that they had probably not vanished in their own. Some days after their disappearance their truck was discovered abandoned in a place called Latimer County Oklahoma. Their bodies were not found there or anywhere nearby. Only their dog was still in the car. The only things that were left were Jamisons IDs, wallets, mobile phones, a GPS system and last about 32 000 in cash. The family were known for carrying large amounts of cash with them all the time.

Several theories from people that investigated the case believed that they may be faked their own deaths, were murdered, had committed group suicide or were in witness protection.

Another popular theory was that they were involved in drug dealing. Investigator cited the large amount of cash and the strange behavior from Bobby and Sherilynn shortly before they went missing. The Jamisons had reportedly told their pastor that they had spirits in their house.


The skeletons of two adults and one child were discovered by two hunters, 15-16 November 2013. Four years after the family went missing and less than three miles away from were they found the abandoned truck. The bodies were later discovered as their bodies. The cause of death was not determined and we still don’t know why they got killed or killed themselves.

The lead mask case

The lead mask case was a series of events which lead to the death of two brazilians. Electronic technicians Manoel Pereira da Cruz and Miguel José Viana.

On the afternoon of August 20, 1966, a young man was flying a kite on the Morro do Vintem hill when he came upon the bodies of two deceased males and reported them to the authorities. The Morro do Vintem hill had a difficult terrain so the police were unable to reach the bodies until the next day. When a small team of police and firefighter arrived they saw a weird scene. The bodies were resting next to each other partly covered in grass. Each one wore a formal suit, a lead eye mask and a waterproof coat. Next to the bodies the police found a empty bottle of water and a packet containing two wet towels. A small notebook was also found on which were written the cryptic instruction: “16.30 be at the specified location. 18:30 ingest capsules, after the effect protect metals await signal mask”

The two men were later identified as the Electronic technicians Manoel Pereira da Cruz and Miguel José Viana.

The last day someone had seen the two electricians alive was on August 17. They left their town to purchase some materials for work. Evidence shows that the waterproof coats were purchased at a shop near and the water from a local bar. The waitress described Miguel as very nervous and noticed he was frequently checking his watch. Thats was the last time someone saw the two men alive.

There was no obvious injuries were discovered at the scene nor later at the autopsy. When the bodies were going to be tested they couldn’t, the organs were to badly damaged.

Boy in the box

On February 23, 1957, a man was checking his muskrat traps in the woods off Susquehanna Road in Fox Chase, Philadelphia, when he came upon a baby bassinet box with a dead body in it. Knowing that his muskrat traps were illegal, the man decided to not report the body.

Two days later, a college student named Frederick Benosis was spying on girls at the Good Shepherd School when he too came upon the body. Benosis was also reluctant to notify the police, but a day later he nonetheless reached out to the authorities.

The body was that of a young child who has since become known as the “Boy in the Box,” as well as “America’s Unknown Child.”

The boy was completely naked, and his hands and feet were wrinkled as if he had been submerged into water before he died. Furthermore, his esophagus contained a dark substance suggesting that he might have vomited shortly before he died, the cause of which appeared to be several blows to the head.

Surprisingly, even though the case attracted significant media attention, no one ever came forward to identify the boy.

However, progress was made in 2002 when a psychiatrist contacted the authorities with information regarding the case. The psychiatrist claimed that a patient of hers, a woman that they called M, confided that her parents had bought “America’s Unknown Child” and used him as a sex toy and that she had seen her mom hit the boy to his death.

However no further efforts have been made to investigate the curious case of “America’s unknown child”.


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